Body modifications, such as tattoos and piercings, have been around for centuries, and over the past fifteen years or so, they have become fashionable again. However, at this point, we are able to study what happens and see the immediate and long-term effects of a lip piercing on oral health. Here is a list of problems that can arise from tongue and lip piercings:
Immediate Effects of a Lip Piercing
Right after the procedure is done, the wearer can experience lip bruising and pain. In some cases, the piercing can result in infection, significant swelling, prolonged bleeding or slow healing of the lip. These problems are usually mild, but must be dealt with appropriately with proper oral hygiene, including antiseptic mouthwash, and avoiding smoking. If these problems are prolonged or get worse, call us right away. Our mouths are moist environments that are full of bacteria. An oral infection can lead to infections in other parts of the body, causing a variety of health problems. If a piercing shows any signs of infection, it’s crucial to deal with it immediately.
How a Piercing Can Affect Teeth
Studies have shown that long-term lip ring wearers can have their neighboring teeth negatively affected, whether it’s a chip in the tooth or an abrasion of the tooth surface. The metal repeatedly scrapes against the tooth, or if you develop a habit of biting on the ring, the teeth chomping down on it will be affected. The fracture can affect the enamel of the tooth, which would require a filling to fix, or it may go deeper into the tooth, which might require a root canal or tooth extraction. Biting or fidgeting with the piercing can also injure the gums. Also, when the lip is first pierced, the piercer uses a lip ring that is larger than necessary in case the lip swells during the healing process. If the larger jewelry is worn to long, it’s more likely to cause damage to the teeth and gums.
If you or a teenage child of yours is interested in getting a lip piercing, be aware that it’s a big responsibility that makes oral care a much bigger task. Be sure to talk to us right away if any issues arise.