Oral Cancer Screening

One person dies from oral cancer every hour. Oral cancer is a serious disease that affects families all across the United States and we hope to do everything in power to combat this disease. That’s why here at Gibbons Dental we’ve invested in the most cutting edge screening technology to catch oral cancer early.

oralID in Gilbert, az

The current survival statistics for oral cancer is 57% but that number rises to 80% if the disease is caught early. Early detection is paramount to beating cancer and saving areas of the mouth that may need to be surgically removed.

Gibbons Dental utilizes OralID to detect cancer early to help your chances of beating the disease.

How Does an OralID Screening Work?

OralID is a ground breaking technology that makes oral cancer screening easier and more accurate than ever before. Resembling an average flashlight, OralID is a non-invasive tool that utilizes a powerful fluorescent technology that helps doctors to detect abnormalities missed during a typical examination.

OralID utilizes a light to expose abnormalities below the surface of the skin before they can be seen or felt. This simple tool allows us to perform the cancer screening process in as little as 5 minutes.

Unlike other screening options, the potentially lifesaving technology of OralID is affordable for all of patients.

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