Riparian Preserve at Water Ranch in Gilbert is a 110-acre park that allows you to become one with nature and experience Arizona’s wildlife up close. Surrounded by seven ponds and trails, it is the perfect place for family outings, fishing, hiking, bird watching and camping.

Riparian Preserve for General Public Use

  • Come and enjoy the trails and scenery, but stay on the trails and be careful not to touch any wildlife or nests.
  • Bring the kids to the Water Ranch Lake to feed the ducks, but be sure not to feed any of the other animals or leave food laying around.
  • Breads, popcorn and crackers can be harmful to ducks so limit food to bird seeds, cracked corn or whole grain cereal.
  • Bring your dogs, but keep them on a six-foot leash and clean up after them.
  • There are trails perfect for horseback riding, but be sure to remain on the designated trails.
  • Be sure to treat the plants with respect. Do not damage or remove plants or flowers.
  • Bring your bike and explore the trails on two wheels.

Wildlife to Spot at the Preserve

fishing hole at riparian preserveThe preserve is a natural habitat for wildlife. The park brings people from around the world to see all of the birds that inhabit it, and almost 200 different species have been spotted there. The park hosts bird walks and a kids birding club for those who want to bird watch. It is also the perfect place to bring the kids to feed ducks by the water, so don’t forget your bird seeds.
The fishing lake at Water Ranch is a great place to catch Rainbow Trout, Largemouth Bass, Sunfish and Farm-raised Channel Catfish. A fishing license is required to fish. The sunfish and catfish are catch and release, while the trout and bass can be kept.

Camping Available at the Riparian Preserve

Camp out under the stars right by the water. Fire rings, grills and public bathrooms are all provided onsite, making this the perfect place for a great camping experience.
For more information and regulations visit the Riparian Preserve at Water Ranch website