What is a Joint Vibration Analysis (JVA)?

Joint Vibration Analysis, or JVA, is a test done by your dentist to detect vibrations in your temporomandibular joint (TMJ). The TMJ is the joint of your jaw on the left and right side, and it’s used to open and close your mouth.
A JVA is done by placing a device that looks like small headphones on your left and right joints, right next to your ears. This device can detect if there is any vibration when you open and close your mouth and how severe it is.

What causes the joints in your jaw to vibrate?

Beautiful young woman teeth close upA small cartilage disc sits in the joint of your upper and lower jawbone that is supposed to be attached to your lower jawbone and slide along with it as you open and close your mouth. This disc prevents your two jaw bones from grinding on each other. If this happens, the disc can get bunched between the jawbones when opening and closing your mouth.
There are many reasons that can cause the disc to become damaged or detached from the lower jawbone, such as trauma, orthodontic work, arthritis, clenching and teeth grinding.

Is jaw popping a symptom of a vibrating TMJ?

Jaw popping or clicking can be a sign that you have vibration in your TMJ. Some people have even experienced their jaw locking in one position. It may or may not also cause pain in the joints.

How can you treat a TMJ vibration?

Treatments vary depending on what has caused the TMJ vibrations and the severity. If this condition is from clenching or grinding your teeth, your dentist may suggest a bite guard or a mouthguard to wear while you sleep. These will relieve the stress that teeth clenching or grinding may cause on your joints and may also help strengthen the joint all together. Your dentist may also suggest pain relievers or muscle relaxants to ease the pain. If the vibrations are severe, Botox injections in the joint may help with pain management. Your dentist may also recommend surgery to fix the joint all together.
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