Coffee DrinkingIt’s become a standard to start the day with a hot cup of coffee, and even though coffee in moderation is shown to have some health benefits, it still does a number on your pearly whites.  Fortunately, there are some alternatives that don’t have the same effect, and even though they may not taste like your morning cup o’ joe, they’re hot and pleasant to sip on.  Try these options to keep your mornings nice and your smile bright.

  1. White Tea – Although the black and green varieties have antioxidant powers, they can still stain your teeth.  Teeth are more tolerant of white tea, which comes from the same plant as green tea, but is minimally processed. This means that more of the healthy perks are preserved in the tea.  Your local café typically has a variety of all types of tea, including the white variety.  Research shows that tea helps prevent cavities and gum disease.
  2. Yerba Mate – Yerba Mate is an antioxidant-rich tea grown in South America.  IT’s naturally caffeinated and it’s made of leaves from holly trees in the South American rainforest.  It is strong, like coffee, but full of antioxidants and is slightly reminiscent of chocolate.
  3. Rooibos Herbal Tea – Rooibos has been called the coffee drinkers’ tea, because it has a nutty flavor.  It’s technically a tisane and not a tea, so it doesn’t have the same teeth-staining ingredients that many teas have, so it will have a very low potential to stain and is still a nice, warm beverage to sip.

The longer our teeth come in contact with dark staining foods and drinks, the more likely they are to become stained. If completely giving up coffee sounds too ambitious, you can always try drinking it through a straw, so that less of the dark beverage comes in contact with your teeth.  The issue is that there will be a bit of a plastic taste to your coffee.

Regardless of which option you choose, brushing and flossing daily is the biggest key in keeping your teeth and gums healthy.  Talk to your dentist for more tooth-friendly food and drink options.