Dental Extractions

The dental extractions procedure is designed to remove teeth in the mouth. There are many reasons you may require an extraction, including severely damaged teeth, irreversible tooth decay or a severely abscessed extractions in gilbert, az

Your dentist will be able to diagnose whether your tooth requires an extraction. Occasionally removing the infected tooth is the only form of treatment to prevent the condition from spreading to other areas of your mouth.

How Extractions Work

You’ll be administered a local anesthetic to numb the surrounding area of the tooth just prior to extraction. If you are having several teeth extracted during the same appointment, your doctor will typically administer a general anesthetic that causes sedation throughout the procedure. We ensure our patients are perfectly comfortable before the procedure begins.

The roots of your tooth are firmly encased in bone, also known as the ‘socket’. The tooth is held firmly in place by a ligament. Your dentist will use a series of specialized instruments in order to loosen the bond between the tooth and jaw and finally to completely extract the tooth.

Following the Procedure

After the tooth has been completely removed, some patients may require stitches in order to properly heal. You will likely experience some noticeable swelling immediately following removal. You’ll be advised to avoid smoking, certain physical activities, eating and drinking and cleaning your teeth for a short time.

If you have any questions or concerns throughout the recovery process, please contact us!